Welcome to the information superhighway!!!!!!!1

Here’s a short video about the amazing possibilities that are available on the information superhighway. Currently, there are over 20 MILLION people on the Internet. If you watch the video, you’ll find out that one aspect, electronic mail (or “E-Mail”) is catching on particularly quickly. Some important people are even seeing the benefits of electronic mail - are you one of them?



Here you can use the 'Web crawler' Ask Jeeves - ask your personal internet butler questions and he will find the answers, free of charge!

Email is starting to creep into pop culture as well. There’s an entire film (Starring Tom Hanks) based on the premise of finding love via email. Can you even imagine the possibilities?!

Hey you tube! This is website called YouTube. There is over 500 videos hosted here. You can upload your own movies too!


If you want to search videos Google it on YouTube