Elis James and John Robins, E-mail pioneers, their story



We can thank none other than messers John Robins and Elis James for being pioneers of this new technology. They recognised the importance of this tool of communication from its early days back in the Spring of 2014. Comedians, Radio DJs, Internet Mavericks, Vibe Magnets…is there anything they cannot do?


The duo originally championed this medium as the primary communication among “PCDs” as a way to share thoughts, ideas, badinage, humblebrags, favourite session ales, etc. They couldn’t have foreseen what was coming. Soon, E-mail branched out beyond just PCDs. People were E-mailing their friends and loved ones with warm greetings, birthday messages and the like (even though some naysayers snub E-mail with the argument “You can’t email a hug.”) Some businesses have even caught on and are encouraging employees to use E-mail to communicate memos; some even distribute promotional content to their customers who also happen to be on E-mail.


We cannot ignore the impact E-mail may have on our society. Will you get involved and incorporate E-mail into your daily life? Experts foresee that up to 60% of all business will be conducted over email in the near future. -

“Are you on email? You simply have to be these days…”